HTML Editor Functions

HTML Editor Main Functions

A list of the main functions of our online HTML editor.

Most of the functions are self-explanatory or you have already used the functions before, however, this is a quick guide to the main buttons which you will find available on the online HTML editor should you need some help.

Below is a table listing the main functions of the buttons you will find in the HTML editor:

Fullscreen Button Fullscreen
View Source Button View source code
Text Color Button Change Text Color
Text Background Button Change Text Background Color
Bold Text Button Bold Text
Italic Text Button Italic Text
Text Size Button Change Text Size
Number List Button Number List
Bullet List Button Bullet List
Emotion Smilie Button Emotions
Insert Image Button Insert Image
Insert Link Button Insert Link
Add Media Button Insert Media / Video
Nonbreaking Space Button Nonbreaking Space
Page Break Button Page Break
Align Left Button Align Left
Align Center Button Align Center
Align Right Button Align Right
Justify Button Justify
Undo Button Undo
Redo Button Redo
Preview Button Preview