Free Online HTML Editor

Edit Html Online is a free online HTML editor.

Our WYSIWYG online html editor makes it really easy to create HTML without any coding knowledge. Edit HTML online using your browser, no registration, no software to download and nothing to install!

How to use Edit HTML Online?

The HTML editor is browser based, nothing to download or install. Below is a list of functions explaining how the buttons work to help you create webpages or any HTML document.

  • Full Screen Button Switch the editor to full screen.
  • View HTML Source Code View HTML source code. Can also be used to paste HTML code to the editor.
  • Change Font Colour Change font colour.
  • Change Font Background Colour Change font background colour.
  • Bold Text Button Bold text.
  • Italic Text Button Italic text.
  • Change Font Size Change the text size using the dropdown menu, default is 11pt.
  • Insert Numbered List Insert a numbered list.
  • Insert Bullet List Insert a bullet list.
  • Add Smilies Add smilies and emotions.
  • Insert Images Insert images via an image URL.
  • Insert Link URL Insert a link (URL) to text or images with various options such as open in a new page or tab.
  • Insert Media Insert media, such as videos from Youtube or any other source. Also can be used to embed media.
  • Nonbreaking Space Insert nonbreaking space.
  • Add Page Break Add a page break.
  • Align Text Align elements such as text and images left, centre, right or justify text.
  • Undo Redo Buttons Undo and redo buttons.
  • Preview HTML Preview button to see what your HTML coding looks like as a webpage or document.

When you have finished editing your HTML you can use the preview button to view exactly what your HTML coding will look like live. If everything is exactly how you like, use the source code button to copy the HTML code into your webpage or project.

We hope you find our online HTML editor useful. If you do, please feel free to share our website anywhere you like or with colleagues who may find it useful!

Edit HTML Online